BENG Board

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Cathi Thompson

Chairman and Founder

The Bridal and Event Networking Group (BENG) was conceived to provide opportunities for vendors, who provide goods and services to weddings and events, to network and build professional peer relationships.

Since 2005, it has been my pleasure to lead this great group of Vendors who daily promote excellence in the event industry. 

Board of Directors:

The board of directors is the group of individuals appointed to represent members.  The board's responsibility is to establish policies for BENG and provide oversight.  The board makes all decisions regarding the governance of the organization.  All board positions are voluntary.  We meet at the end of the month to address the business of the group and to approve any new applications. 

Stephanie Jordan_sm
Stephanie Jordan
Venue Director
Townhall Texas

Stephanie joined the group to meet other Event and Wedding professionals to partner with while serving the events and weddings provided at Townhall Texas.  Her insight and attention to detail is very valuable in her role as secretary.  

Lisa Dynamic Entertainment Sm
Lisa Wallrath
Dynamic Entertainment Productions


Lisa has a full service DJ Entertainment company and joined the group in 2015.  She brings her extensive business experience to the role of Treasurer. The treasurer is responsible for general financial oversight.  The treasurer works with the board to budget and keeps sound financial records.  

Jonetta Barnett
Jonetta Barnett
Jonetta B Productions

VP Membership

Jonetta  joined the group in 2014 to build peer relationships within the bridal and event industry. As VP of membership she oversees the membership and website elements of the group. If you have questions about the Membership Directory OR want to Apply, Reach Out, She may be able to help. 

Niki Greg
Photography by Niki

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Phil Nicosa
Mark Prirozzolo
Mark Pirozzolo
A Finer Event

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Molly Buffham
Donut Junkie

Molly is proud to have introduced her mini-donut catering to the Greater Houston area in 2018.  Donut Junkie started in 2010 and has traveled with her military family over three states.  To her, being a part of BENG is more than just a networking group.  It's friendships, business to business relationships, a support group, and what she likes to call, "her church."

Buffy Scott
Buffy Scott

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