Welcome to the Bridal and Event Networking Group (BENG),

In early 2005, BENG consisted of 8 or 9 vendors and me, meeting for lunch and talking about events.  Our number grew slowly at first but then exploded into a consistent group of 50+ in 2013 and 2014.  In April of 2015 we formed a structured networking group, opened a bank account, set up a Board to govern, and started functioning as a full blown, professional Networking Group.  Some of those original people are still involved.  Our paid membership is almost 200 people and our mailing list is 350 people.  ALL are vendors who “provide goods and services to weddings and events.” 

The goal of this unique group is to build professional peer relationships with other vendors, give and receive referrals, and that is why we limit our membership to only wedding and event vendors. We also give back to our community by donating annually to local charitable organizations.

As a new member you will be invited to our monthly networking meeting and luncheon, have access to our website (www.bengmc.com), our logo, our Facebook page and the opportunity to list your business in our BENG Directory.  The Directory profiles your business and provides a direct link to YOUR website.

As with any organization, you will “get out of Networking what you put into Networking!”  It’s a two-way street.  We are all more likely to refer clients to vendors we know because we trust that they will help the client we send them.

Join us at the next luncheon and find out how you can benefit from this continuously growing Networking group.

Kindest regards,

Cathi Thompson,

Founder and Chairman

Bridal and Event Networking Group