Updating THE Membership Directory (Profile)

When you signed up for BENG your Membership Directory is created, but it’s up to you to complete all information in your listing.  Keep in mind the Membership Directory IS seen by anyone that logs in or is just using search engines like Google.
Let’s get started updating your Private Membership Directory…

Step 1

Of course, you should be logged into your BENG membership account on the website and once you are you will be on the About tab.
On this page, you will see in the image below how your information on your About tab correlates with the Membership Directory.

A) Your Company Name – Name of your business
B) Contact Person – The name of the owner of this business and ownership of this BENG Membership
C) Your Address you plan to use for your business.
D) Email Address will not be published but the Membership Directory listing will allow someone to send you a message from the web site and sent to this email address
E) Your Phone Number (note: Fax number if provided will be show below the phone number)
F) Your Website address for your business

At this point if you haven’t made any changes you can click the Skip button at bottom of the page or if you did make changes click the Save & Continue button. Either case you will be taken to the next step, the Profile tab page.

Step 2

On the Profile page (tab) the first box will allow you two choices, you do not have to check either if you do not wish.

Do not list in directory – If you are an agent for the CIA or in the FBI Witness Protection program or some other strange reason 🙂 you can check this option and you will not be listed in the Membership Directory.

Do no show street address in profile – If you office “from home” or have some other reason not to display your actual address to the members, you can check this option and your address will not be shown in the Membership Directory listing.

Step 3

Business Card –  A) This will allow you to upload a logo of your business or image of yourself. We recommend a logo of yourself so people know who you are when they meet you in person. Step 4 will allow you to add more images. Note: Make sure to only upload .jpeg, .jpg, .gif or .png files. Do not load PDF files here PDF files are not images.
B) This block will allow you to add a short description (because you will be able to tell all in Step 5) regarding yourself and/or your business.

Step 4

Here is the opportunity to show off your business products, services, facility to anyone and everyone.  Just drag and drop or click and upload to the box area.

Step 5

Tell all here. Recommendations – People for the most part hate reading a lot of text on web sites, so use Bullet Points to give everyone a listing of your Benefits and Features. And remember Features “Tell” and Benefits “Sale”!

Step 6

Have any Social Media Properties on the internet? Then here is where you will list them. Now, it is VITAL YOU UNDERSTAND YOU MUST USE THE URL (web address) to your Social Media Link.

For each of these you wish to use, you MUST open another browser window (or tab if you wish) and go to your actual social media page and COPY AND PASTE your Social Media Link into the blank field. And you MUST use the secure protocol of https://

So for an example in your webbrowsers address window the URL to your Facebook Business page might be “https://www.facebook.com/KartHostcom/” that is exactly what you need to paste into the facebook blank field. You simply do the same thing for each social media propety you have a presence.

Step 7

Business Type – Think of it as Category your business is to be considered to be part of.  We have a Knowledgebase Article set up adding your Business Type which are TAGS in the Membership Directory. Please continue to this Article on adding Tags to your Membership Directory listing: Click here: “Adding Business Type (Tags) to your BENG-Profile

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