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Public Business Directory – Adding Your Business

Be Advised: The Bridal and Event Networking Group (BENG) website has TWO (2) Directories the Public Business Directory (which we will discuss below) and the Private Membership Directory (Updating Private Membership Directory tutorial).

The tutorial below is for the Public Business Directory. This directory has been online since BENGMC.com website has been online (2015) and has gained credibility with the Search Engines, especially Google. If for no other reason you should place business in this directory you will gain the benefits to your website (thus your business) from improved SEO.

To add your business to the Public Business Directory, you must be a Member of Bridal And Event Networking Group (BENG).

Step 1

You will need to login to your BENG Account by clicking Login. Once you have logged in you will want to click on Public Business Directory.

The View on a Mobile

Step 2

 On the resulting page About page as it appears below, simply click on Business Directory

Step 3

On the resulting page, look in the Public Business Directory box and click the blue link that says “Add a NEW Public Business Directory Listing (only one per Membership)“.

Step 4

You will land on the Add Listing page for the Public Business Directory.
A) You will want to add your Business Name and Personal Name to build the “know, like and trust” factor. Separate your Business Name and Personal Name with the ‘|’ character (the vertical bar ‘|’ (sometimes known as the “pipe” is normally found on your keyboard above the return/enter key)
B) Select the category for your business from the drop-down list. Then click the [+ Add More] button if your business needs to be in any additional categories.

Step 5

Adding your business location address to this listing. See details below this image.

A) Select from the list of Preselect Cities your business is located.(remember if you “office” from home, select your City and Zip Code)

B) Using “Address Line 1” as the primary address line enter your business location. If you need additional space for suite number or other instructions use “Address Line 2”.
C) Add the Zipcode for your Address or City location.

D) Click [Find on Map] button to confirm location on the map.
E) If unable to find your location click the “Enter geolocation info manually to enter your lat and longs of your location

Step 6

A) – Add the phone number you wish prospects to contact you.
B) – Have a FAX number? List it here.
C) – Your email address where you want your promotional contacts to email you. TIP: This is where an “email alias”  (if your email service allows it) can come in handy to “track” where your leads are coming from.
D) – The URL of your website. TIP: Make sure to use http:// if your website isn’t secure and https:// if your website is secure. Example of a secure website: https://www.bengmc.com

Step 7

Special Note about Social Accounts (Social Media): You have the option to add the listed Social Media properties to your account and we highly suggest you add as many as you have accounts.
NOTE: Some of the social media fields will require only that social media’s username, and others will want the full URL (web link) to your social media page. Example, Facebook only wants your username, whereas Linkedin wants the full URL, and must start with https://

Step 8

Adding Photos –  This is important to remember.
Photo File size cannot be larger than 5 MB (but HIGHLY recommend they are smaller so your listing isn’t loading slowly.)
Maximum of 5 Images
Only .jpg; .jpeg; .png and .gif files only (no .pdf files!)

Recommend Image dementions – Highly Recommend your image is in landscape (meaning it’s wider than it is tall). Pixel width from 900 – 990 pixels. And not more than 900 to 990 pixels tall. But make sure the width in pixels is higher than the pixels height number. Meaning if the image is 900 pixels wide, do not make the height any higher than 900 pixels. Small is fine, but not longer.

Once Photo is Uploaded – You will want to rename the image, it will default to your image file name, but you will want to give it a name that humans can understand

Online Resource to Resize your Images – Visit this site: www.BeFunky.com This is a free online image resizer, load it right off your computer and resize and download back to your computer before uploading to your directory listing here at BENGMC.com

Step 9

Videos – The only way to add a video to your listing is to have the video “hosted” on YouTube or Vimeo. Then provide the video ID in the Enter video ID field.

You can have as many videos as you like, however recommendation is no more than 2 videos, or if there are more make them short. The videos will show at the top of your listing with your photos/images and rotate.

Obtaining the Video ID from YouTube

Go to YouTube and select the video you wish to add. And in your web browsers address window you will copy ONLY the video ID. It is the part to the right of the equal sign “=“. The ID is highlighted in the screenshot below. Once you copy just paste it into the “Enter video ID” field.

Obtaining Your Video ID from Vimeo

Head over to your Vimeo video and like the YouTube video just copy and paste the Vimeo ID. At Vimeo the Video ID will be all Numbers as seen below image.
After copying make sure to select Vimeo if its a Vimeo video in the drop down.

Vimeo Video ID

Step 10

Business Hours – (not required) This will allow you to post your hours you are open for business. If you are primarily a service, you might select the times you are available to discuss your services with potenta clients.

You can show all 7 days  or the days you want to be contacted.
Note Hours are based on the 24 hour clock so, 17:00 is same as 5:00 pm

If you do not enter anything, Business hours will not show.

Step 11

Date Established – (not required) if you wish to publish when you started business you can post it here. If you leave blank, it will not show.

Tags – Help with searching of the directory to find your product and/or service. And helps with search engines to understand what you sell. Simple type in the word or short phrase and then hit “Enter” key on your keyboard and it will turn into a tab as shown below.

Submit – Now with all your fields filled out and you are happy with your listing go ahead and click the blue Submit button and your Public Business Directory listing will be added immediately.


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