How to Renew BENG Membership

Before you continue make sure you FULLY UNDERSTAND the difference between “Auto Recurring” and “Not Automatic”. If you have ANY questions please contact us.

Auto Recurring – Add your credit or debit card and save then your BENG membership dues will automatically pay on your DUE Date.

Not Automatic – When you select this choice you are in essence deciding to pay your annual dues at that time.

Example, if your BENG Dues are due on July 15 (for example) and you add your card on July 2nd that is the day you are paying your dues even though your due date is July 15.

So do NOT add your card until the day you wish to pay. If you want to take the hassle out of it, just select Auto Recurring. You can always change before your next due date.

If You Wish to Take Advantage of Automatic Renewal

This is really pretty simple to do. Just log in to your BENG membership account and on the About tab scroll down until you see A) BENG Membership – Make sure it is checked
B) Desire Automatic Recurring Payments?  –  The make sure BENG Membership Annual Payment – Auto Recurring and add your credit or debit card details and then
C) Click the Save & Continue button. And you’re done. When your membership comes up for renewal, it will pay with the card that is on file.

If you wish to Pay Your Dues NOW Not-Automatic Payment (Renewal)

Note: As mentioned above, since this is a manual process you will choose this selection if you are ready to pay your membership dues now.  Add your card and your membership dues will pay immediately.

A) Make sure you check BENG Membership Annual Payment – Not Automatic payment.

B) Add your credit/debit card information (those fields will be exposed to you). Then just click the ‘Save & Continue’ button and you’re done. And your annual BENG Dues are paid until next time.

Additional NOTE: It is the Members responsibility to make sure your dues are paid if you expect your dues are due and haven’t seen an email, just login here to your membership account and check and/or pay.


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