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Adding Business Type (Tags) to Your BENG-Profile

“Business Type” is similar to categories your business falls under.

Note: BENG has TWO Directories, this selection only will affect your Private Membership Directory, NOT your Public Business Directory.

Step 1

Login to your BENGMC.com membership account. (Forgot your password? No problem read how to reset it here (click):
Resetting Your BENGMC.com Password

Step 2

In your BENG Membership account click on the Profile tab.

Step 3

On the resulting A) Profile page, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see Business Type box. And click the B)Click here to go to the form” link.

Step 4

On the resulting “Business Type Form” page scroll down the page and A) click the Add gray button to select up to 4 business types (categories) you wish to have your business associated with.
B) Near the bottom of the page, you will see those business types you have selected.  C) If you wish to remove any business type you have already selected click the “Remove” text link next to the business type you wish to remove.

D) Now once you are ready to save make sure your business name and correct email address are showing. This is pulled from your account Profile.

E) Lastly, click the blue Add button to save all your changes.




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